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Friday night Conversation Corner

We meet together most Friday nights (7 PM) at a location near the campus for a light dinner and an opportunity to practice your English with American volunteers! We focus on speaking as much as possible,  with small group discussions on topics of interest. Join us, make new friends and increase your fluency while you learn from each other and native speakers. 

Field Trips and Holiday Gatherings

We host monthly activities or parties for Chinese students and scholars with American friends. These include Thanksgiving meals, Christmas and New Years parties, field trips to local attractions, and game nights. Check our SCHEDULE OF EVENTS and COMING UP NEXT pages for what's happening now!

Mandarin Bible Study 

Weekly Bible study held in Mandarin in a small group on request. Childcare is available when in person.

English Introduction to the Bible Classes

Learn about Christianity and the Bible in small group or individual settings. Various days and times. 

Kid's Club English Classes 

Weekly Zoom class for kids with story time on Friday nights at 8 p.m. (in China).  

Oral English Classes 

Learn and practice American intonation with a native-speaker professor in a small class setting on Saturdays. Spring registration is opening soon!

Friendship and language partners or host families

We offer you the opportunity to get to know Americans who can partner with you for language learning and enrichment, and also for study about Christianity. 

Please go to the contact section to let us know if you are interested in joining any of these classes, and we will be able to send you further information or Zoom links!


Take a look at a sample of the activities we have enjoyed in the past!

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