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Welcome, Friends! 欢迎, 朋友们!


We are an organization of Americans and Chinese who serve students, scholars and their families from China at the University of Maryland. We are not a church but a Christian group that works with local churches in sharing Christian love. We welcome everyone from China to participate whether they have religious beliefs or not. 




Our leader, Tian Yongming

Students call me Bro. Yongming. I love playing badminton, photography, and Chinese milk tea. Several years ago, driven by an academic dream, I came to the U.S. to pursue my Ph.D. degree. Encountering Jesus Christ was totally unexpected, but I later realized it was part of His plan. I once thought serving the Lord was unlikely for me, but years later, I quit my industry job to serve Him full-time. I enjoy spending time with young people, like you, to feel young myself. The difficulties you encounter while studying abroad and the challenges at this stage of life are many that I have also experienced.

    In the struggle between “nei juan” and “tang ping,” there are some questions we are all seeking answers to: I have good conditions in all aspects, so why am I still not satisfied? What can truly define my worth? What is the purpose of my life?

    After knowing Jesus, I discovered that He truly answered these questions in the most unexpected way. I look forward to exploring this faith journey with you!

Bro. Yongming and his wife, Jiang Shanya


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