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 Oral English Classes

Would you like to improve your oral English this year?  An English teacher who has often taught oral English to Chinese will be offering a free Oral English class to Chinese students, scholars, spouses, and other adult family members this spring.  The aim of the class is to help your English sound more natural, as well as to give a good opportunity for practicing speaking.  

This class is designed for intermediate level English students and for students who have not been in Iris’ Oral English before.  (Former students are welcome to attend but should be aware that the teaching and materials will be basically what they’ve had before.  However, they can still practice their Oral English.)


When:  Saturday afternoons, from late January until April (2:30-4 PM)


Class sessions: Typically, class begins with a short general session for instruction, and then students pair up for oral practice.  To get the most benefit, plan to come to each class because each session builds on the preceding ones.


Registration: Registration will be open in January.  To ask for more information, email Iris at Please give your name and status at your university (undergrad, grad student, scholar, spouse, etc.) or otherwise; also include your WeChat address if you have one. 


Location: Solid Rock Church (5401 Good Luck Road, Riverdale, MD)

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