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Autumn Forest

What's coming up this Fall?

Weekly Events

English and American Culture Class

It's the weekend! Take a break from schoolwork and have some English and American Culture fun! Join us for a light dinner, then enjoy a class about American language, culture, history, and news. We focus on a relaxed learning atmosphere with lots of conversation and listening practice. 

When: Friday nights, 7-9 PM

Where: 3725b Metzerott Rd., College Park (put "House at the Crossroads" in your GPS)

What: English fun, and a meal ($5 donation requested, but not required)

How: Need a ride? Contact us here!

May meeting topics: 

Worried about transportation?

Let us know!

We can provide rides to activities if 

you live in the D.C. metro area. 

May 6: Would you like another chance to practice oral English?   This Friday night we want to give you a chance to do the talking!  The topic we’d like to discuss is your summer plans.  Do you plan to travel?  Would you like to come to an in-person Oral English class for June and July?  Or would you prefer an online Oral English class for June and July if you might be traveling?  And what else do you plan to do?


As usual, our Friday night meeting starts at 7 PM with dinner (this time from Northwest Chinese restaurant).   We’re happy to provide rides.  

May 13:  Professor Andy Cavanaugh will guide us through another night of "News you can Use!" Andy will be using a current news topic to teach vocabulary and cultural insights. It's our last class for the 2021-2022 school year! Join us!

Oral English Class

Do you want a more focused ESL class? We'll be offering another structured Conversational English class this coming Summer, so watch this space!

Special Events

Decorated Eggs

Saturday, January 29th, 4:30-8 PM: Chinese New Year Celebration 

The Spring Festival officially starts on February 1st, so let's prepare by making dumplings and sharing memories of this special time of celebration.  

Saturday, February 19th, 4-7 PM: Valentine Dance and party

Yee-haw! Come and learn how to do old-fashioned American country dancing! We'll have a professional "caller" (instructor) come to help us learn lots of line and circle dances; it's loads of fun and an important part of early American culture. Pizza will be served after the dancing. 

Saturday, March 12th, 7-9 PM: St. Patrick's Day Carnival Party

We'll be celebrating in a carnival-style way--come and compete in games of skill and chance, eat a little "fair food" and enjoy Irish music! 

Saturday, April 9th, 9 AM to 2 PM: Introduction to the Bible Seminar

The Bible is an important part of Western culture. If you would like to learn about some of the key events and characters of the Bible, join Dr. Carl Sanders for this introductory seminar. 

Saturday,  April 16th, 4-7 PM: Easter Celebration 

Easter is about new life--come and decorate eggs, have an Easter egg hunt, eat a delicious dinner, and hear about the true meaning of Easter for Christians. 

Saturday, May 14th, 11:30-2 PM: End of the Year Picnic

Let's end the year together with a pot-luck picnic and outdoor games! See details here!