Would you like to improve your oral English?


An experienced English professor who has often taught oral English to Chinese is offering a free online Oral English class to Chinese students, scholars, spouses, and other adult family members.  The aim of the class is to help your English sound more natural, as well as to give a good opportunity for practicing speaking. 


When: Feb. 13-Apr. 17, 2021 on Saturdays from 4:30-6 PM


English level: Designed for high beginners and low intermediates

Class sessions: Typically, class begins with a short general session for instruction, and then students are paired up for oral practice, each pair in a breakout room with a teacher.

Registration: Registration is now open.  To register, email Carla at carlaRsanders@gmail.com  giving your name and status at your university (undergrad, grad student, scholar, spouse,   etc.) or otherwise. 

How to access the class: you’ll be sent a Zoom invitation by one of the teachers, so just click on it to join.  But if you don’t have Zoom, you’ll need to download it in advance from zoom.us (for free).

Have questions about the class? Send us a message on our Contact Us page. 

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